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eMatrix Hardware 

The eBrick™ – A Smaller, More Flexible, and Faster to Market Battery

We know that manufacturers need affordable battery packs that fit demanding space and energy needs. Our eBrick is smaller and more versatile than typical modules, allowing you to efficiently prototype while meeting your product vision.

Starting with universally available 21700 Li-on cells, each eBrick is a stackable structural enclosure that contains multiple layers of cells. With interlocking components, our eBricks can be easily snapped together to meet virtually any space requirements.

Our clients find they can launch products in half the time they’d need using traditional modules while keeping costs to a minimum.

eMatrix Software

Slash Your BMS Software Turnaround Time

As your product evolves, your battery management system (BMS) should be quick and cost-effective to modify. That’s why we leverage a uniquely agile software development lifecycle process to deliver new releases fast and affordably. In fact, we’re able to deliver new software releases in a single day.

Robust. Novel. Adaptable. We call our system RNA-BMS – for Robust, Novel, Adaptable, Battery Management System.

Robust – Because Reliability is Everything

We test all applicable software changes directly in a systemwide hardware simulation, ensuring precise optimization for your application. Even through large-scale adaptation, independent software modules provide unmatched reliability. 

Novel – Because Today’s Market Demands a Better BMS

Our innovative engineers have solved many competitors’ BMS problems. For example:

  • Instead of generic current limits that produce accelerated cell aging and arbitrary performance limits, our predictive real-time algorithm ensures full performance and protects every cell in your pack.
  • Rather than costly, hard-to-change custom parts, eMatrix uses affordable off-the-shelf hardware.
  • eMatrix uses centralized control with just one controller.
  • If you rely too much on emergency power to protect packs, you risk a dangerous loss of power during vehicle operation. That’s why our RNA-BMS always prioritizes driver and vehicle safety, with EPO only as a last resort.
  • External-controlled thermal management can overcool or overheat the battery. Our RNA-BMS can decide how much heat to transfer in/out of the battery to optimize performance and avoid issues caused by the vehicle thermal system.

Adaptable – Because You Need a Fast Time-to-Market

We designed RNA-BMS for continuous changes on a tight schedule. It’s highly modular yet extremely scalable for the most flexible, easy-to-customize, affordable system you can find.

The net result is a robust, reliable, easy-to-change system that saves you money and helps get your product out the door faster.

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Anurag Kamal
Co-Founder, Electricfish

e-Matrix's support for us to create Grid-scale storage from the existing packs was unparalleled

Tony Ji
Creative Planning Director

e-Matrix designed a highly efficient battery pack for our electric kart fleet. The pack performs perfectly and they have superb technical support who were always there even when we are 10,500 km away.