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Keith Washington


Keith brings to the company a unique skill set developed through more than 39 years of experience in CAD design, training and systems support. With experience in tooling, automotive and aerospace industries from companies like General Motors, Jeep and Chrysler, Boeing he brings the type of task-oriented results that benefits all involved in the design process. Keith studied engineering at General Motors Institute.

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Keith, tell us about yourself. 

I’m the grumpy old grandpa of the group.

What is your role at eMatrix?

I’m one of the four founders and director of packaging.

Why did you choose to start working with eMatrix?

Coming from another startup, the experience of a startup is one you either love or hate, and if you love it, it’s not easy going back to the corporate world.

What makes you excited about working with a company like eMatrix?

The flexibility & the anticipation of the possibilities.

What is so crucial about your role in creating eMatrix’s end products?

As “the CAD (Computer-Aided Design) guy” we know ideas are only as good as the reality of being able to create them. The ability to “make tangible” those ideas is critical.

What do you do at eMatrix that you are most passionate about?

Making dreams into reality, literally.

Since eMatrix was founded in 2016, what has been the most memorable milestone for you?

Getting our first large contract that allowed me to focus on eMatrix as my day job and not an after-hours and weekends jig.

What is so novel about our battery hardware and software?

The modularity of the brick & package design. We think outside the box and can make anything happen.

Why are our lithium-ion battery packs beneficial for projects?

The particular form factor we use is the most used & popular size worldwide which offers many benefits. So we can always tailor our products for a customer and still remain competitive.

What would you like to see eMatrix grow into?

Like the other owners, I too would like to see the company grow to the point of being of interest, to others, for acquisition… Grandpa would like to retire!

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